The Good And Bad Effects Of Gmo Essay

1740 Words Dec 15th, 2014 null Page
GMO’s, or genetically modified organisms, are animals that have their genes manipulated in a laboratory. These genes are changed by chemicals to bring some good effects on the people but may also bring some bad ones. There are lots of controversies and debates in society about how dangerous GMOs are even after some research was conducted and it showed that there use was safe. This paper is intended to help give information about the good and bad effects of GMO’s in society and help us make a better decision on whether this should stay in society or be eliminated. GMO’s are modified to enhance food to get better quality as well as quantity from them. Some of these types of modifications are adding antibacterial genes to plants, introducing genes that make organisms bigger and hardier, mix genes with existing ones to make new types of food, add animal genes to plants and vice versa. Some of the common food types that have been manipulated by GMOs are sugar beets, rice, corn, dairy products, and soybeans. Millions of animals are also fed GMO foods. In another study, it showed that only America and Canada don’t require GMOs to be labeled on the products that are being sold. This is a reason that majority of people don’t know which types of foods are manipulated by GMO’s when you go grocery. Well this things tells us a brief understanding of what GMO’s are, but what are the benefits we could get from them? Well to start off, foods that consist of GMO’s have better taste to…

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