The Goal Of Physical Education Essay

1267 Words Mar 6th, 2016 6 Pages
The goal of physical education is to help guide the students to living an active and healthy lifestyle. In order to achieve that goal a teacher must understand how to assess the student’s understanding of the material being taught. Many physical education programs only use one form of assessment such as the Presidential Fitness Test, the FitnessGram or a skills test. Each program only tests the physical performance and not cognitive performance as well. Physical Education is more than just doing the physical act because the students must understand the principles behind the act and how it is helping them toward living an active and healthy lifestyle.
Students should not be assessed using only one form of assessment because not all students develop the same. As an educator we all know students learn at different rates and in physical education students perform at different rates as well. Focusing on performance as the only assessment will not give an accurate reading on what the students really know. Relying on a limited amount of data to show for student progress in learning doesn’t do much. For instance, it is even more evident elementary school students grasp ideas at varying rates. Assessing based solely on performance is not ideal because the students’ bodies and brains are still developing. To have a quality physical education program it must have multiple forms of assessment which allow the student to fully showcase what they know and allows the teacher to see what…

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