The Goal Of Interpersonal Communication Essay

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1. I believe the statement, “the goal of interpersonal communication is to understand, not to agree.”, means that simply agreeing with someone doesn’t truly solve conflict. Interpersonal conflict is or will be a part of every relationship. When someone just agrees and doesn’t say their opinion then they are not involving themselves into the conflict. This can make the other person think that you don’t want to resolve the conflict, or that it might not be important. When it comes to interpersonal conflict, the goal is to resolve the problem in order to preserve the relationship. When facing conflict, there are a few possible outcomes. When trying to solve conflict, it is best to aim for a win-win outcome. With a win-win outcome, the needs of both people are met. There are a few stages that lead up to resolving a conflict. First, one must identify the conflict within the relationship. Second, one must consider all possible solutions, and then test them. Next, comes evaluating how the solution worked. From there, the solution can be rejected, or accept the solution and end the conflict.

2. My conflict management styles seem to depend on the person involved in the conflict. One conflict that I am faced with is my dad coming home after work in a bad mood. For example, when I get into an argument with my dad I seem to avoid the conflict. I believe I do this because I don’t want the conflict to escalate. I need to work on actively engaging in the conflict, in order to resolve…

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