The Gender Inequality Of Women In Sports

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There are many limitation that many people have because of the gender they were born with. Society has created many stereotypes that have benefited one gender over the other. Women though history have been put down because they are different men. As of today there are many individuals that have strong feelings that women are not physically and mentally capable doing activities that men rehearse in a daily matter. This causes society to consider women a lower standard in comparison to men. Although, society is changing in a rapid motion there is still a large amount of gender inequality that exists in the 21st century. Society has put a stamp on women stating that all women are mentally weaker than men. This is because a large number of people …show more content…
This is because there are more viewers for sports that involve highly competitive and physical that have men participating. Most Women in sports don’t even get paid enough to make it a full career. For example, football is a huge successful business because more people are interested in men playing than women. Society is attracted to entertainment that involves the use of violence. Although, there are now women being include to ruff and physical sports, there’s still a big difference between genders. There is more opportunities for men to succeed in their sport than women are to succeed because their fewer funds for women in sports in compare to men. For example, there’s a whole lot of opportunities for both male and female in college sports. But, when it comes to going professional in a sport, there is more career outlook for males to become professional athlete than women have. This can conclude that society believes that women are not physically capable to do the same activity that men do in sports or that women sports are less intersecting than men. In the article “The impact of the media on gender inequality within sport” Eoin Trolan emphases in how many in society feel about women active in sports. Eoin Trolan states "Ideologies such as women having softer and weaker bodies than men increased the belief that women are not suitable for sports which require physical contact, and women who do participate in …show more content…
This is because of the surroundings and the culture they live in, where women are treated way below because they not males. In many cultures and yearly United States women are only expected to stay at home and have children. But, in the 21st century where the culture supposed to be changing is still underestimating women. For many of these women they are not given a chance to prove their skills and create a movement for herself because the world in which she lives in is not letting her start a positive change , which is education. Outside the United States you see children all going to school in elementary but when it comes to higher education it’s like women didn’t even existed. Women in the Middle East are forced with sometimes violence from people of radical religions to not go to school because it’s part of their norm. In the journal article “Turning oppression into opportunity for women” the author states that the whole community would benefit with the involvement of the female gender in the work force.” For example, consider even the following assignment: if modern Muslim nations wish to enjoy the fruits of economic development, greater freedoms must eventually afforded to women” (280). The government plays a huge role in many countries with depressing the female gender in their society. The article “ Turning Oppression Into Opportunity For Women Worldwide” takes the position of

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