Gender Roles In The Housewife

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“Traditional gender roles cast men as rational, strong, protective, and decisive; they castwomen as emotional (irrational), weak, nurturing, and submissive. These gender roles havebeen used very successfully to justify inequities, which still occur today, such as excludingwomen from equal access to leadership and decision-making positions (in the family as well asin politics, academia, and the corporate world), paying men higher wages than women fordoing the same job (if women are even able to obtain the job), and convincing women that they are not fit for careers in such areas as mathematics and engineering,”(
Tyson 85).Views on gender-based differentiation in the workplace and ininterpersonal relationshipshaveoften undergone profound changes
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In order words, she is a wifeto the house, a kind of matrimonial, let us say, relationship exists between the house and thewife. Also, since the housework looks trivial comparing to the “difficult” tasks that the husband performs outside the house, she is demanded to cover up all her duties meticulously andfaultlessly without a right to utter any objections to whatever the husband comments on thecondition of the house. She needs to be a yes man!This attitude toward women has existed since centuries and although many feminist thinkershave tried to change it, it seems to carry on like the past with an only slight change in essenceand a few rebellious Feminist housewives.Being treated as subordinate figures in the family, most housewives have yielded to the role of being a devoted obedient wife regarding the housework fearing they may commit a sin if theyshirk their responsibilities in the house, which resulted in them becoming passive obsessives.In order to illustrate the role of the women and the treatment of them in the families I havetaken a look at a play by Lynn Nottage …show more content…
First, I focus on two characters, both of which are female and housewives, examining their traits. Next, I will see how they are beingtreated in their families and how they react to the treatment.
Loureen: A Rebellious Traditional Housewife
The first scene opens when we hear a couple arguing. The very first dialogue of the play

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