The Game Of A Disability Essay

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This class has absolutely changed the way that I look at almost any sport. It was such a fun, interesting, and overall amazing learning experience. I have always had the utmost respect for anyone with some form of a disability, but this has opened my eyes to how anyone can modify a game to cater to any disability. Even if the game loses almost every rule that made it that sport or game. For example in flag football that we modified, and played it was played more like rugby than football. There were no flags or tackling, you couldn’t pass the ball forward or just run it into the end zone. We didn’t even use an actual football. This game wasn’t anything like flag football anymore, but yet it was just as much fun, especially since you never knew what was going to happen next. The one thing that I really noticed was a lot of the times; there were modifications that just weren’t working. The best thing to do at that time is to try, and either add more modifications or take away the one’s that aren’t working. This is interesting, because it’s so easy to just add or take away a modification. It can also make the game loads of fun! I was usually very impressed with how well the people wearing blindfolds were included. That always seemed to be the hardest, but for the most part they were included. Everyone did a great job with the modifications. I really liked how the class started out. I learned a lot right from the beginning, and knew what to expect. Also getting down the…

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