The Future Of Smart Phones Essay

1008 Words Dec 2nd, 2014 null Page
Isn’t it amazing, the entirety of human knowledge is accessible through a single device, small enough to fit into our pockets? Yet most of us use it to send tweets, text our friends, play games, and sometimes to avoid conversation. The device I’m referring to is none other than a smart phone. A smart phone is a mobile device with advanced features. It has a high-resolution touch screen display, WIFI connectivity, web browsing capabilities, and the ability to run sophisticated applications.(Jannsen) These devises have changed the world. They allow us to communicate with one another more easily than ever before. Although, in order to use and manage a smart phone, you will first need to know English: speaking, writing and reading. Those skills are absolutely necessary. Once learned, you can seek schooling or training to learn more about how they work and how they are built. Next job opportunities will open up. Lastly, will be some interesting facts on the future of smart phones. First, let’s find how a smart phone relates to English.
Let’s be honest, everything relates to English in way or another. While using a smart phone, whether you want to make a social call, send a text, or surf the Internet like so many people do nowadays, you’ll need to know your basic speaking, writing, and reading skills. The intelligent personal assistant used with iPhones, also known as Siri, is a perfect example on how your ability to speak will limit your ability to fully interact with your smart…

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