Essay about The Functions Of Congress And Legislative Tactics

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The Functions of Congress and Legislative Tactics The United States Congress was initiated in 1789 as a separate entity from the judicial and executive branches of government under America’s Constitution (Congress of the United States, 2014). Furthermore, it is comprised of two houses (the Senate and the House of Representatives), this division of houses is known as bicameralism and is a consequence of the Connecticut Compromise, which was an attempt to balance the voting advantages of states with large populations (Schmidt, Shelley & Bardes, 2012, p. 196). Indeed, Congress performs six legislative functions, such as lawmaking, representation, service to constituents, oversight, public education, and conflict resolution (Schmidt, Shelley & Bardes, 2012, p. 196).
First, the function of lawmaking, which is “the process of establishing the legal rules that govern society” (Schmidt, Shelley & Bardes, 2012, p. 197). This means that Congress is responsible for assembling all the rules and regulations to be followed by all Americans (Schmidt, Shelley & Bardes, 2012, p. 197). Second, the function of representation, which is the manner members of Congress use to represent the interests of their constituents in district, state, or national forums (Schmidt, Shelley & Bardes, 2012, p. 197). For example, a reduction in military spending might be seen as a positive since it will lower the national budget, however, if military bases are closed it will result in job loss and lower…

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