The Fragility Of Modern Life In Don Delillo's White Noise

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Anatomy and Constructed Purpose: The Fragility of Modern Life and How People Disregard the Natural Progressions of Existence in White Noise
Works considered satire are categorized in such a manner because of their use of irony and exaggeration in conveying messages that are critical of certain aspects of life or society as a whole. It can be difficult to distinguish between conventional and satirical novels if the absurdities the author intends to critique are presented in a subtle tone. An example of a novel that is subjectively a mockery of contemporary American life is Don Delillo’s White Noise. While the main characters of the book made be interpreted as arrogant and unintelligent by some readers, a non-literal look at the work can bring
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The chain of reactions leading to the spill were a result of rapid consumption and people’s need of commercial products to survive in the modern era. None of the characters seem to take this into account even after spending nine days imprisoned in a camp. With the exception of Jack fearing for his life and Steffie refusing to take off her protective mask, nobody appears to be taking the Event seriously once they believe they are safe. In fact, when they first reach Iron City, a man talks to the family about how he is upset not only of the events he went through but additionally because the media is not there to cover it: “‘Don’t those people know what we’ve been through...Are they telling us it was inconspicuous, it was piddling?..Shouldn’t the streets crawling with cameramen and soundmen and reporters?..Haven’t we earned the right to despise their idiot questions?’” (Delillo 162). This almost numb reaction to dangerous events due to the lack of attention they receive is also seen previously when Jack’s visiting daughter’s plane almost crashes “I’d been pushed away from the narrator by people crowding in to listen, well over a hundred of them, dragging their shoulder bags and garment bags across the dusty floor...‘Where’s the media?’ she said. “There is no media in Iron City.’ ‘They went through all that for nothing?’”( Delillo 92). These two examples demonstrate the concept that people are more upset about not receiving attention for going through terrible things than they are about actually going through those things. In a broader sense, the Airborne Toxic Event shows how swiftly life can be disrupted by unforeseen phenomenons, although many of the characters seem to be ultimately unfazed by it. However, citizens of Blacksmith do start to conduct more simulation evacuations and Jack continues to worry about his health in regards to his

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