Satire Essay On Satire

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Claudia Ramos
Professor: Sean Wilkinson
English 100
29 September 2017
Major Essay
Satire has the power to be able to point out the deficiencies in certain cultures. It is a unique form of comedy that has played a major role in bringing out real life issues through television shows. Satire can be defined as the use of humor, sarcasm, irony, exaggeration and ridicule in exposing to be denouncing. Satire can be used to aim at social viewpoints, such as racism, politics, stereotype, religion, etc. According to the articles written by authors Alex Jung and Ted Gioia good satire must meet certain criteria for it to remain effective satire. For example, it should be grounded in real word issues, have modern relevance, it should punch up, maintain
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He becomes frustrated with the presence of Illegal Immigrants, as he believes that immigrants are "taking away the good jobs". Peter wants to make sure that jobs are not being taking away from American citizens that he convinces his work supervisor to initiate an inspection, to lay off any immigrants employed. Peter decides to get his birth certificate from his mother's house to prove his citizenship. she then tells Peter the truth about his birth. Peter was not born in America, she tried to abort him by going to Mexico, but instead was born in Mexico and she never filed to make him an American citizenship. Peter is an illegal Mexican immigrant, he soon is fired from work due to not having proof to work in The United States. Peter fails his citizen ship test and fails to find any good jobs, Lois his wife turns to her father Carter for help. Mr. Carter agrees to give Peter a job as a servant in his mansion, and the Griffins move into a poor settlement near other Mexican immigrants near Mr. Carter's mansion. Soon Peter, begins to empathize with the immigrants as he realizes how hard immigrants are put to …show more content…
Based on Jung and Gioia characteristics one effective characteristic that "Padre De Familia" has, it is grounded in real life issues. Immigration is not a new topic, it is a topic that is grounded in real life issues that has been going on in America for several years now. Satire was used in a form to target racial humor to prove a point. Working in the United States as an undocumented immigrant is the main point of "Padre De Familia". In one of the clips Peter wants illegal immigrants fired from his job, because he believes that they are stealing jobs from Americans. In a comical clip Peters mom tells Peter he was born in Mexico, and did not file for his U.S. citizenship. Peter is an illegal Mexican immigrant. (08:4013:11) The satire of Peter being an illegal immigrant illustrates the fact that the U.S. has an illegal immigration problem and illegal immigrants are being portrayed as bad people for stealing American jobs. Immigration is a hot topic and by integrating humor into the issue it has the power to reach many viewers of all ages to really focus at the problem. By using real life grounded issues with the attraction of satire, viewers recognize the severity of the problem going on. Without revealing real life issues, a huge number of viewers would never think about such an important issue. The power of effective satire can effectively

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