Satire In The Simpsons

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The Simpsons has become a staple of American life since its first release in 1989. This long lasting cartoon comedy achieved the true essence of satire by capturing the moment of stupidity among today’s stereotypical American ‘everyman’. By using a wide range of satirical devices such as: parody, irony, sight gags, absurdity and black humour, The Simpsons develops and enhances brilliant and distinct characters in order to create the fascinating and hilarious satire. Therefore, The Simpsons successfully points out the social issues while making the audience laughing at the ridiculous characters, as well as leading the audience to question themselves.
In the episode ‘Mypods and Boomsticks’, first aired in November 30, 2008, consists of three
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Satirical devices such as black humour, irony, and parody are used in this scenario. In this plot, Bart meets a new friend Bashir, whose family belief is Muslim and has just moved from Jordan. Despite Bashir’s mild personality and politeness, Homer is convinced that every Muslim is a terrorist. When Homer invites Bashir’s family to dinner, he has a plan to expose their family as terrorists and discriminate them against their Islamic background. Homer’s stupidity is shown in the scene where he tries to poison Bashir’s family with a cake decorated as the American flag, giving them ‘a taste of freedom.’ Later, he has a nightmare about the Islamic culture conquering America, and the TV series 24 and the cartoon Aladdin are satirised, mocking at the Americans’ judgemental characteristic which they believe everything they see in fictions must be authentic. The next morning, Homer sneaks into his neighbour’s front yard and tries to collect evidence, and occasionally hears Bashir’s parents saying goodbye before Bashir’s father going to work: ‘Sometimes I wish you would quit that awful …show more content…
In the episode Mypods and Boomsticks, the obsession with material goods; people becoming victims of technology and greedy companies; and the unfair treatment towards Muslims (non-Christian religions) are captured and satirised. In spite of the bitter element, for instance, the religious feuds and suicide bombers, The Simpsons not only make viewers laugh at the ridiculous characters but moreover leads to self-questioning, which is one of the essence that keeps the series ongoing and achieves the fictional Springfield to become the epitome of the stereotypical American

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