Thomas Nagel Meaning Of Life Analysis

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The meaning of life is a highly controversial topic among humans; one that has been debated for centuries. A particular philosopher, Thomas Nagel, has a certain idea about what the meaning of life. However, I do not agree with his position. Essentially, he believed that life has no meaning and that there is no rationale that could be given to it in order to make it meaningful. Nevertheless, even if everything we do in life will be forgotten, that does not mean humans cannot find meaning in their everyday life. Therefore, Nagel’s argument is flawed because there are several avenues in life that individuals can find meaningful. In order to fully understand Nagel’s belief in a meaningless life for humanity, we must first delve into his argument. …show more content…
The fact that what we do in the present may not have an impact on the future, does not mean our existence is meaningless. Personally, I tend to lean more towards the side of the Stoics in regard to the meaning of life. One aspect of meaning that the Stoics find is virtue. By virtue, they mean being excellent at your function. This tenant has the potential to be fulfilling to the person and bring them great joy. The competition aspect and always striving to become better at their function can give their life meaning. How one controls their mind will be who they become, so if they continue to strive forward they will avoid their doubts. Also, even if doubt arises, the joy and happiness they derive from their function may out way it. Nagel believes that once doubt arises, it can never be overcome. However, the Stoics believed differently; if one lets something harm the mind, you are letting it eat the divine inside you. Therefore, you should detach yourself in order to avoid harm to your divine spark. Everything happens for a reason, so use it to grow. With that being said, I believe this is one avenue humanity can give meaning to their

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