The Four Seasons Hotel Essay

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The Four Seasons hotel in Chicago was decorated beautifully for the Christmas season. Christmas trees glistened in the corner of each room, each dazzling and sparkling with the golds and reds of the ornaments and ribbons. The ceiling was truly remarkable, white Italian lights hung from the ceiling and swooped perfectly above the dance floor. Everything and everyone seemed to be in the Christmas spirit, except for me. I felt empty as I sat next to the scorching fireplace that spattered and crackled loudly. Everyone was dancing with their dates because it was the annual Christmas ball. Everyone except me that was, I never had a date. I looked over at my best friend Leah, gorgeous, bleached blonde hair and piercing green eyes. She was wearing a super tight turtleneck, so tight that when she’d bend down to twerk, I could almost see her butt. Leah was not the same person she was a year ago and whether she knew it or not, I was slowly drifting from our two-year friendship. Maybe it was because she never asked how I was doing, it was always about HIM. I understood, she loved him, he loved her. Blah blah blah blah blah. These past six months I was being driven to insanity when I’d hear about what Travis said this time and that time before. If it wasn’t for our two-year friendship, I probably would scream “I don’t give a F**** S*** about your ugly boyfriend, so talk about something I actual care about! In my enraged rant, I would probably flail my arms about, hit her in the face,…

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