The First Positive Part Of Stricter Gun Control Laws Essay

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Throughout the history of our civilization, man has always created something to defend himself and his family with. In the beginning, there was the rock and spear; which was invented in the early caveman days. Then there was the ultimate weapon, the bow and arrow, which reigned supreme for centuries. Now we have the most technological advanced weapon-- the hand-gun. Since it first came into production, it has been met with controversy and fear from the public. People all across the country are either calling for tighter gun laws, or saying that everyone should own one. To develop an informed opinion about gun control, you must understand both the pros and cons. The first positive part about stricter gun control laws would be that there are some states that require a very minimal background check, if any at all. According to Professor David Hemenway, at the Harvard School of Public Health, as of 2011, four states don’t require checks when purchasing weapons: Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, and Wyoming (3). Subsequently on January 8, 2011, Jared Laughner shot nineteen people, killing six, near Tucson, Arizona (Hemenway 4). This all would have been prevented, if Arizona had a law requiring a background check prior to purchasing his weapons. Furthermore, thirty-five other states only have a Shall Issue law; which means the issuing agency has no discretion and must grant a concealed weapons permit to anyone who meets minimum qualifications (Hemenway, 3). Even if you know or…

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