The First 30 Minutes Of The Lecture Essay

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The first 30 minutes of the lecture by Dr. Sallis was about illustrating through a chart the overall contributors to health care, how exercise has been neglected and how important it is. Dr. Sallis discusses how he believes that “Physical inactivity is the world’s biggest health problem”. He uses the term “Exercise” and what it would be like if it was considered a drug. He mentions other brand names this drug would be called, the dosage amount and the effect it would have on pregnancy and lactation. A few of the benefits or indications of this use of drug would be: treat and prevent heart disease, lowers the risk of premature death, and even manages depression and anxiety. Sallis goes on to mention the side effects, the adverse reactions, and administration of this drug. He says that, “We have systematically engineered physical activity out of our daily lives and even our kid’s lives….”. It has been known by almost everyone working in the Kinesiology: Exercise Science or even in the Nutrition field, that getting out there and exercising, even if it is walking around your neighborhood, is better than being obese and doing not doing anything. Based off the “Death Rates by Fitness & BMI Categories” chart Dr. Sallis uses in his lecture, there are more obese people who are low fit than those who are normal and overweight and low fit. Those results show how dangerous obesity can be, that it is better to be “fat and fit” and one who is obese can be more prone to catching a…

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