The Influence Of Media And Social Media

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News media has and continues to have an instrumental role in the shaping of protests movements. However, the role of the mainstream media in contrast to social media encompasses some over arching similarities and also some very distinctive differences. Through a critical analysis of the scholarly articles of both, Occupy Wall Street in Perspective, Calhoun (2013) and Twenty-First-Century Debt Collector: Idle No More Combats a Five-Hundred-Year-Old-Debt, Morris (2014), illustrates the sway of media that can be extremely influential in shaping protest movements.
The 21st century marks a technological age were instantaneous movement of information via the Internet, media, etc. has become normalized and expected throughout the world. This concept
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In contrast, social media is accessible and open for the public and is monitored and regulated significantly less to promote a medium for expression and debate. Although, social media does encompass several negative aspects, the reach of social media is one aspect that can propel change and promote social awareness. Social media utilizes websites, and applications in order to create and share knowledge, ideas, opinions, news stories, social issues, marketing, etc. and/or to promote and participate in social networking (Wiki). Therefore, media can be beneficial, but it can also impose problems on society. For example, media arguable interacts with us on an day to day basis, the magnitude at which it impacts you can be attributed to several factors such as, one’s job, one’s hobbies, one’s geographical location, etc. but regardless it has infused itself into the makeup of a society. The problem is that media can supersede social awareness and a mode of entertainment, but it can become overly invasive, manipulative and because it often lacks regulation some aspects of media are fuelled by capitalistic motives to …show more content…
(Morris). Idle No More can be understood as a peaceful revolution that strives to honour indigenous sovereignty, and protect the land and water (Morris). This movement has managed to achieve global attention and support through the use of media. This methodology is very progressive because it transcends many of Canadian citizens belief that Indigenous people are highly traditional and arguably ‘not with the times’. However, these women who irrefutably do encompass traditional values their desire to promote social awareness and inform society of their concerns provides them with an avenue. For example, these women have a website that attempts to repeal the provisions of Bill C-45, a bill that arguably is highly exclusionary and promotes assimilation upon the Indigenous population (Morris). Their desire’s to increase proportional representation with regards to all legislation concerning collective rights and environmental protections to live is expressed through social media to promote awareness, and gain support to propel change (Morris). The social media outlets they use enable them to demonstrate their leadership skills, cultural knowledge, honesty and integrity to reinforce the necessity for social justice. In addition, their Twitter account has a website platform that informs those who are

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