The Fermi Paradox: Do Aliens Exist?

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The universe is an infinitely growing sphere which is calculated to be 46.5 billion light years in diameter. This sphere contains the space in which billions of stars are contained. Some of these regions have small rocks called planets. Humans inhabit one of these planets which is instilled in a perfect system called the solar system. However, mankind may not be the only ones to have a system in which life can thrive on. There may be others that live in their own planets like us. In fact, some of them may have visited the Earth before mankind existed. The Fermi Paradox explains the multiple possibilities that may have occurred to show that there are other forms of life in the universe. For one, intelligent life may have visited Earth already. Many unexplained events have occurred in ancient history. One of the best examples is the creation of the Pyramids of Giza. How in the world were the people from 4,500 years ago able to build such a structure in 20 years? Each block weighed about 30-50 tons. To be able to move a block …show more content…
In fact, there are fossils that indicate that there were signs of aliens. Some fossils were dug up and people thought they were normal egyptians. However, some of their heads were larger and the eyes and nose were much too large, which shows that there was some type of mutation that increased the size of their brains and directly affected their intellect. Fermi’s Paradox is the beginning of new questions to many unexplained phenomena.
Currently in the world, there is no way to explain any of these anomalies, however by assuming that aliens did come and visit us, many of the events make sense. The Egyptians may have used alien technology to move or lift the blocks. As for the crops, the aliens may have wanted to leave a mark on the Earth before leaving. The odd shaped skulls can be the skulls of mutated human beings or some of the aliens

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