Summary Of Fermi's Paradox: The Great Filter

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Space: the final frontier. Since humans could look up to the sky they have wondered what is beyond it. Whether its Greek philosophers or children in their backyards, theories about the human’s existence in this vast unknown universe have no end. There are some who endlessly comb the night sky in search of others, but there are others that think it would be in the best interest of humanity to mind our own business. Throughout the theories of intelligent life, there is one that has a prominently scary notation. As one of the solutions to fermi paradox’s states: other intelligent life hasn’t made themselves known because they’re hiding – or they’ve already been killed. The answer to Fermi’s famous question, “Where is everybody,” has tramped through time for many years and will continue, possibly for the rest of our lives. As humans search for the answer there has been a divide in the scientific community: many accredited scientist believe that it’s an irrational paradox, yet many other accredited scientist embrace the paradox. The division hasn’t put a damper on the solutions that …show more content…
The first filter is most likely forming life, other filters are probable to be evolutionally leaps. One filter could possibly be the harnessing of nuclear energy, and managing to not blow up the whole species. The Great filter is believed to be one of the major reasons that we haven’t found another civilization. There is a chance that the Great Filter is already behind us, and if that that’s the case than our existence as a species should be smooth sailing; yet, if it’s not already behind us, we run a major risk of becoming like the other species that should already have contacted us. “Since we don’t see civilizations out there, well the path from bacteria to civilization must be hard.” Hanson said in an interview with

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