Essay on The Fast Food Industry Is Not As Altruistic

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Throughout the article, Schlosser’s approach of authoritative writing manages to supply the reader with a plethora of evidence that effectively substantiates his argument and succors his audience into agreeing with him that the fast-food industry is not as altruistic as it claims to be. Schlosser strategically executes this by doing a complete dissection of the fast-food industry’s history and structure. Schlosser leaves no angle unexplored in the fast-food industry’s structure and how it is systematically designed to exploit others. Schlosser begins this by showing how the fast-food companies treat its employees and the daily routine they have to go through at their jobs. He accomplishes this in his introduction by narrating the daily routine of a fast-food employee named Elisa and what she does to prepare for the day. He uses it as a platform to show that Elisa is one of hundreds of teens who are exploited by the fast-food industry “No other industry in the United States has a workforce so dominated by adolescents. About two-thirds of the nation’s fast food workers are under the age of twenty” (Schlosser 513). Schlosser reasons that the incentive for these actions is because teenagers are the ideal candidates for these types of jobs because they are not completely independent yet and can afford to work low wages. He substantiates this claim by adding “Roughly 90 percent of the nation’s fast food workers are paid an hourly wage, provided no benefits and scheduled to work…

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