The Fall 2016 Career Fair At Kennesaw State University Essay

861 Words Oct 27th, 2016 4 Pages
The Fall 2016 Career Fair at Kennesaw State University was a very overwhelming yet informative experience. The amount of career paths available to students in the major of psychology is astonishing. I visited many booths at the career fair, all of which had something to do with psychology. I also got 3 signatures from various companies after discussing career opportunities with a representative. The signatures I got were from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Top Golf, and RADCO Residential. All three of these companies have opportunities that can be filled by someone with a major in the field of psychology. My first signature was from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I visited this booth because I am very interested in cars, and I know a lot about them. I also wanted to find out more information about internship and job opportunities while I am a student. I also figured as a psychology major with extensive customer service experience, this would be a good fit as a job while in college or even as an internship opportunity. The reason I think psychology plays a role in this job, is because it involves interactions and relationships with other people, and in this case, customers. I also visited the Top Golf booth, for a few reasons. My brother works at a Top Golf in Denver, and I always hear positive feedback from him, so I thought I would check it out. I wanted to learn about the career and promotion opportunities it offers. I have been to Top Golf before and I truly enjoyed the environment…

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