The Failure Of The Electric Rice Cooker

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Register to read the introduction… The thought of wanting to provide an electrical product to millions of homes in Japan which lacked electrical devices although they had electricity brought about the invention of the electric rice cooker by Ibuka (Broughall 2010). This surplus made his desire stronger to produce this electronic device which was necessary in daily life. It elaborates that the electric rice cooker was made by interconnecting aluminum electrodes that were attached to the bottom of a wooden tub. It was mentioned that it was produced in a primordial way. It further elaborated that during that time there was an unstable supply of electric current so it depended on what kind of rice and how much of water was used in order to get a good outcome. It was identified that unfortunately, the result of the rice, ended up being overcooked, mush rice or undercooked grain. This was lead to a scarcity of delicious rice during that period (Broughall 2010; Rebuilding from ashes 2011). Hence, this project became a memorable failure for both Morito and Ibuka as less than 100 units were sold to the public. One of the reasons why Sony’s rice cooker failed was because there was already an electric rice cooker which was introduced by the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in the late 1940’s (Electric Rice Cooker 2010). Additionally, it clarifies that Matsushita Electric also launched a rice cooker like Sony but it was also …show more content…
That time around, demands for electronic products were pretty good as the Japanese economy was blooming. Ibuka invented his own version of a tape recorder when he saw an American Model tape recorder at the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, but it was not selling well at the beginning (A History Of Sony 2009).According to Grant(cited in 1996), the demand for electronic products was quite low until Ibuka found a brochure from the U.S military entitled 'Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Uses of the Tape Recorder'. It added that when the book was translated into Japanese, Morito used the points from the book to sell his tape recorders to everyone. It clarifies that as an outcome, their sales were significantly

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