How Did The Romans Use Hydropower

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Over 2,000 years ago, hydropower was used in Italy by the Romans to grind corn shucks, and other grain foods. Several years after the Romans used this tool, they began to manufacture aqueducts. These are special bridge like platforms, that are used to channel water through small tubes individually to people's homes. Also, they used it for transportation across rivers. Greece began to utilize hydropower, and they used the water wheel to grind grapes for wine and other uses.Suddenly, Asia absorbed the suggestion of a new power source, and they milled rice with it.
Centuries later, Great Britain began using hydropower for one of their main energy productions. The spinning jenny is a water powered cotton spinning machine created in Britain, and used quite frequently throughout Europe. The water was used to spin the machine which spun cotton making it into coat like material. Water was finally used for electricity by the year 1880 in Britain. Soon after, in 1882 the first hydroelectric power plant opened.
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In the early 1900’s, because several farmers began to use it. After thorough observations the government began to adopt it. electricity was spreading through practically all of America, and was used to generate electricity in the form of dams, water wheels, and wave energy. Most popular for hydropower creation was the water wheel, usually the wheel was stationed upright, until small town farmers discovered that to turn the wheel on its side actually conserves more. The water wheel is a large wheel usually around 10 by 10 feet in size , it is commonly made of wood or metal. Disappointingly, the main problem with the water wheel was that it could not store energy for later America roughly gave up the

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