Essay on The Evolution Of Distracted Driving

1560 Words Oct 21st, 2016 7 Pages
Angela Phelps
Janna Carter Parsons
College Writing I
19 October 2016
The Evolution of Distracted Driving Along with the invention of hand held electronic devices, GPS, and in vehicle entertainment systems, comes the obvious side effect of distraction. The term “distracted driving” was not part of our vocabulary even ten years ago. Recently, however, we have come to realize that distractions while operating a vehicle, such as: eating and drinking, perfecting a play list, and using our cell phones for texting or talking; are killing people in astounding numbers. In the interest of saving lives, we need to be vigilant in informing the public of the dangers these distractions pose. It is also critical, that society, advocate for the passing and enforcing of laws to keep our roads safe from distracted drivers. Distracted driving has almost certainly been a problem, going back as far as the invention of the automobile. Eating, drinking, grooming, and smoking while driving have always been distractions, while having a pet in a vehicle, or an unwanted animal such as a spider or rodent, would also interfere with focus and concentration while operating a vehicle. Only a decade or two ago it was a common sight to see a family driving down the road, with a child standing up in the back seat, a dog licking the driver’s face, and a passenger flicking cigarette ashes out of the window. This would indicate that distracted driving has likely been the cause of numerous fatalities,…

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