Essay on The Evolution And Commercialization Of Irish Dance

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The Evolution and Commercialization of Irish Dance Since Riverdance
Since Riverdance hit the world stage in 1995, the culture of Irish Dance has evolved and grown. However, experts within the dance community disagree whether and to what extent Riverdance has played a role in these changes. The scholarly articles, dissertations, and books examined in this literature review examine different aspects of the art and sport: changes in costumes, technique and demographic of the dancers. Most rely on first-hand interviews, but each study differs in the group of people they interview about the subject. Some turned to dance teachers, others to Irish Dance judges. As a result of incorporating people with various backgrounds, each article has a slightly different approach when evaluating what role Riverdance has had in creating modern Irish Dance. Angelika Masero (2010) and Kristina Varade (2015) wrote separately on the topic, but both works point to the conclusion that traditional Irish Dance has become diluted since the premiere of Riverdance. Oppositely, Frank Hall (2009) and Erica Burgin (2011) conclude separately that change is a natural part of Irish Dance and not necessarily the result of Riverdance. Catherine Foley (2001) compares the two worlds of competitive Irish Dance and Riverdance, and determines the two should be examined as separate entities — not a cause and effect. This paper examines the effects, or lack effects, experts say Riverdance has had on the…

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