Breakdancing: The Hip-Hop Movement In Dance

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Breakdancing marked the beginning of the hip-hop movement in dance. It consisted of unique styles and movements that still exist in breakdancing today. Breakdancing, or “b-boying” rapidly grew since the 1970s and is popular amongst many street dancers today. The history behind breakdancing derived mainly from Puerto Rican and African American dancers in New York. These dancers brought different movements and terminology within breakdancing that are very iconic within this style of dance. This style of dance was not only popular in America, but it also spread to many different countries as well. The music of this time also played a very big role in breakdancing, especially with the help of DJ Kool Herc, who founded the name and music style of …show more content…
The techniques used are freer and less strict than the typical ballet or modern dance concepts. The main and basic move of breakdancing includes the toprock, footwork, housing, power moves, and freezes. The basic movements were only used as a foundation and there are many more moves aside from what is commonly used. Toprocks are used before the breakdancer moves into their main set of movement, and is considered as a warmup ("History of Breakdancing”). Toprocks can be the opening to a dancer’s intro before battle, mainly considered an introduction before they move onto foot work and floor work, which is a concept also known as a downrock. One of the most common forms of movement in this dance is the 6-step. It is a step containing six steps and is usually done while on the ground. As the toprock is done mostly in an upright position, the downrock involves more movement in which your hands are more involved on the floor ("Breakdancing History”). Down-rocking uses more footwork and floor-work, in which the hands move as much as the dancers feet do. Power moves are next within the sequence and they involve the momentum and are the highest points in a dancer’s battle tactic. Different power moves require different strengths or different parts of the body in order to carry out that move. For example, in the “Windmill” created by Crazy Legs, an iconic pioneer of breakdancing, involves …show more content…
The history of breakdancing brought a new view to dance and was one of the first forms of hip hop. The style of breaking is much different from popping and locking, and requires more strength and is more of a street dance. Originating in New York in the 1970’s, breaking has become popular worldwide danced by many people of different descent. It does not matter what your background is as long as it is enjoyed the same way the creators of breakdancing enjoy. Hip hop music is what brought dancers together to enjoy or even compete in the same environment, helping b-boys with rhythms and movement. Although heavily considered a men’s style of dance, women also became involved in breakdancing and broke the stereotype to prove that women can do what men can do as well. From the 1970s to 2016, b-boys and b-girls have grown all throughout different countries and is admired by many dancers today. Breakdancing is an amazing dance form that I take interest in myself and find to be a very outstanding sport. Many people today tend to be interested in popping and locking, but don’t realize the true roots of hip hop dance developed from

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