Influence On Mexican American Culture

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How has the influence of Mexican and Mexican American culture influenced our interpretation of Hispanic culture as a whole?
Since the 1900’s, Mexican migrants fled the United States to escape the Mexican Revolution. Hispanics also left their homes in search of employment and security. As a result, the Hispanic population grew very fast from then to now. Some of these Mexican immigrants had an overwhelming effect on the American culture. Some affected would be politics, sports, food, and music. Politics depend greatly on Hispanic votes. Democrats and Republicans try getting Hispanics to vote for their party. The growth of the Hispanic electorate has increased drastically. Hispanic votes can change a presidential race.
The Hispanic culture has had an influence on sports, like soccer. The first World Cup took place in a Latino country. Also, their music was a big influence in American. There are great Hispanic and Latino American
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The media and politicians have portrayed Hispanics to only be drug dealers, aggressive people, killers, and they are coming to America still your belongings. Some politicians want to build a wall across the boarder to keep Hispanics out. Sometimes when people hear things from the media and politicians, they believe it to be true. Rather it’s true or not! This is how prejudice and racism starts from lies being spread about certain groups, colors, or genders of people. They have to look at it this way, how would they feel if the shoe was on the other the foot!
A profession where education is not needed to become successful but is used as a “way out”, would be hip hop or rap music. Hip hop music was formed during the 1970s when block parties were popular in New York City, dealing mostly with young African Americans that stayed in the Bronx. At the block parties, DJs would play popular songs that had percussive breaks. They would play these songs on two turntables to extend the

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