A Cheerleader Descriptive Essay

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A Cheerleading Performer:
Before the music starts your blood rushes through your veins like a shark about to catch its prey. The anticipation to hit the routine is like no other feeling. The voices of your opponents racing through your head telling you “you aren’t good enough’ and to “quit while your ahead.” This is it all or nothing. Leave it all on the floor. The music starts, back handspring step out round off back layout twist. Nailed it. Quickly dart across the mat to get to left panel for opening stunts. Full up, tick-tock to stretch, two step turn, scorpion to arabesque, double down. The routine proceeds and we finally get to our favorite part, the dance. Triangle formation, three string ripple, and to end it toss hands to lib. The vivid white lights beaming down on your face as you smile and try to hold in the feeling of a perfect routine. Finally
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In this essay I demonstrated that the way a story is often told is decided by who the audience is and from their prospective. From the cheerleader’s perspective, the spectators will never know the feeling of when a cheerleader’s heart rises to her throat of the anticipation of the perfect routine. What they do not see is, the cheerleader who actually stepped off the mat as she hoped and prayed the judges did not see her blunder. Nor did they see the shaking stunt that almost did not hit as the flyer held it together with every ounce of her strength. To the spectator, it was just another routine and just another competition. To the cheerleader, it was a combination of long hours and exhausting practices only to find out that the routine culminated with an average score. The spectators will never know that the cheerleader’s heart broke knowing that she could have done better. In the end she remember she gave it her all and tired to leave it on the mat. But it was just another

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