Essay on The Ethics Of Nursing Ethics

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According to Melnyk and Overholt (2015), sampling involves choices about study sites and people who will be able to provide data and perceptions about the study topic. There are different approaches to sampling that are based on a combination of criteria. When planning a research, nurses must make sure that the decisions that are being made are ethical. In my clinical practice, research is important. The most important aspect of the research that we have seen is informed consent. The participants should have the right to say yes or no to being a part of a study. They should also be able to know any risks or decisions that involve their healthcare. An ethical sample plan should be much like nursing ethics. An important ethical element to nursing is beneficence. According to Fouka and Mantzorou, (2011), beneficence is to do no harm. It is important for a researcher to consider all possible consequences of the research and balance the risks with equal benefit (Fouka & Mantzorou, 2011). Another element is right to privacy and confidentiality. Many times the participants are asked very detailed and personal questions, they need to know that information will remain anonymous and private. Nurse researchers should be advocates for the participants. Nurses must help participants to understand and exercise their rights (Fouka & Mantzorou, 2011). Nurses should not enforce choices; they should assist people to decide which choices are most dependable with their values (Fouka &…

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