Essay on A Culture Of Evidence Based Practice

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Main Question Post: Discussion Week 11 -- Creating a Culture of Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice is the utilization of the superlative scientific evidence incorporated with clinical experience and amalgamated patient principles and penchants in the practice of professional patient care (Polit & Beck, 2017). Evidence-based practice (EBP) amplifies the quality of patient care while advancing patient outcomes (Estrada, 2009). The healthcare workforce nurses has the obligation to ensure that patient receive quality superlative care whilst utilizing evidence-based practice (Estrada, 2009). Indeed, there are arrays of barriers related to the embracement of EPB in the organization’s, which makes it impossible to the healthcare workforce to utilize evidence-based practice, namely deficiency of knowledge amongst the nurses related to evidence-based practice, absence of organizational support and the nonexistence of accessible resources to study the evidence. According to Melnyk, Gallagher‐Ford, Long, and Fineout‐Overholt (2014), the bearing of evidence-based practice in nursing field discovered its origins in the Magnet Recognition Program (MRP) by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC), which compels the hospital to certify that they have a pungent evidence-based practice entrenched in the core culture and practice in the organization.

Current Organization Use of EBP

The healthcare workforce professionals and nurses’ desires to offer the…

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