The Ethics Of Abortion : Abortion Essay

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Ethics of Abortion Abortion is a growing and controversial topic in the world today. With its growing popularity and the sheer fact that it removes a potential human from the world, there is rightfully much talk on the moral permissibility of the act. This paper, after addressing some issues with pro-choice arguments, will attempt to prove that abortion is impermissible in at least cases disregarding rape. The first argument from analogy to observe is the person seeds argument. This argument raises the question that if prevention methods are used to avoid a child, then just because the woman gets pregnant, doesn 't mean it is her responsibility to care for the child until birth. The argument poses this statement inaccurately to the real situation it is attempting to represent. In the human seed argument, a house is protected from human seeds which simply are unavoidable. With the small chance of a seed taking root in the house, similarly to birth control failing, the couple is stated to have no responsibility for the human plant in their house if one does take root. This argument ignores the decision a woman makes to engage with a man, knowing the risk of impregnation. A more realistic analogy would state that a person has a large red button which they enjoy pressing. Every time this button is pressed, there is a 1-2% chance that an adult human being is imprisoned in the button pusher 's basement. Once imprisoned, the random adult now has no way to fend for…

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