Essay on The Ethical Aspects Of Animal Rights

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Ranking animals versus humans is difficult to do based on social standards. From the view of society, animals rank lower than people. This is mainly because the level of assumed intelligence and impossible communication between both species. Is this still true from a scientific of religious standpoint? Organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) strive for the protection of animals and the creation of stronger animal rights. The morals behind animal testing are also an important aspect of animal rights. So the questions remain, how strong is the connection between animals and humans, what roles in society do animals have, and to what extent of rights do animals have?
From a scientific and psychological standpoint humans are ranked higher than animals because of the ability to express emotions, solving social problems, communication or use of language, and developing family connections. These are just a few examples, however, animals have shown these qualities as well. Psychologically it is difficult to determine which is the superior species because both have the same qualities. For example, according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Many species of non-humans develop long lasting kinship ties—orangutan mothers stay with their young for eight to ten years and while they eventually part company, they continue to maintain their relationships”. This is not always true for every animal, but some still can create and maintain these specific…

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