Essay The Emotional Intelligence

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Aspects of Psychology
Kasia Nalbandian
American Intercontinental University

The emotional intelligence is the combination of our emotions and intelligence. According to (Cherry, N.D., para2) is the ability of recognizing, managing and evaluating our emotions, we have four branches of emotional intelligence are the following: perceiving emotions, reasoning with emotions, understanding emotions and managing emotions. Perceiving emotions is the first of the emotions involved body language. Example: In school 6 kids are friends one day 5 of them are sitting together and the other 1 kid is sitting by his self and watching the others. We need to know why this kids is alone is he sad, mad, terrified.
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Social skills are to manage relationship, communicating and common things with others. According to Hallmark stated the following “self-awareness include self-confidence, realistic self-assessment, and a self-deprecating sense of humor” without self-awareness there is no real self-assessment, Self-regulation stated the following “needs trust, integrity, comfort and openness to change”. Internal motivations it’s a strong achievement even if someone fails and organizational responsibility. Social skills stated as effective, influencing, and expertise building, leading and changing teams. Before starting my emotional intelligence test I thought about different questions and not this type of question, while I was taking the test I experienced that sometimes our emotional intelligence will be wrong and sometimes we think ourselves that we are good but unfortunately we need to take and see things deeper, farther and not limited, I find this test very interesting and I learned something to act or treat others different way. My test results positive and surprising me everything was right about my emotional intelligence according to my test results this sentence was the most that happens with me in my life “ we also need to stop and remember what gives us great joy and meaning” , I always think about others and not myself which is wrong. There is too many ways to enhance our

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