The Elements Of Art And Art Essay

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I was fascinated to learn about the elements in Art. I had always thought that art had no organization, guidance or system. I thought that people just painted or drew pretty much whatever they wanted with no apparent rules. The Visual Elements that Getlein mentions on chapter 4 consist of the following; line shape and mass, light, color, texture and pattern and last but not least; time and motion (Getlein, 2012). These elements are intrinsically woven in art!
Who would have thought that all these elements are essential to art? For example; the line is something so simple yet extremely powerful in any form of art. It can be portrayed in many ways such as a simple mark; a line with a greater length and greater width. At times it conjoins many things in a painting. Any other form of art employs it successfully. We have come accustomed to see paintings with lines. At times they are represented in a valley, a road, perhaps a sidewalk. We can also see lines in other forms of art; we just do not notice them.
Space as I envision it is big, but it can be small as well…It can have height, width and even dimensions with great depths. I have seen art that has dimensions that provides depth that is very palpable. These are my favorite, the ones I can touch. The way space is portrayed depends on the artist. Each one brings space to a whole new meaning depending on their individual work. Space is an extremely important element in any form of art.
Making good use of it is extremely…

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