The Effects Of Violent Media On Behavior Essay

1241 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
Society seems to have internalized and accepted antisocial behavior to an extent. One can infer this by simply looking at how different degrees of conflict or violence have been implemented to the different types of media over time. The past decades, there has been a rise on the amount of aggressive behavior depicted in movies (Bailey, “Kill Pixels” 17). Knowing that violent media can influence aggressive behavior, people still pay to see those movies and enjoy them. This increases the likelihood of the incursion of even more violent media– just because it sells. The same goes for the creation and consumption of violent games. However, this apparent thirst or acceptation of antisocial behavior and the heavy presence of violence are not recent. Since the beginning of times, people have had an inclination for havoc and aggression as a form of entertainment. Some examples are, public stoning and executions during early and recent times, the implementation of torture methods, and violence in classic literature from different cultures; even the gruesome shows held at the Coliseum in ancient Rome. Although, with those examples, especially with the shows in ancient Rome, it should be considered that they were usually used to ascertain laws and discipline individuals, as well as to serve as a remainder of the authority of the Empire (Pătrunjel 39). But a great amount of video games that depict violence involve a similar backstory as the shows held at the Coliseum– individuals not…

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