The Effects Of Video Games On Youth Essay example

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The Consequences of Digital Worlds: The Effects of Violent Video games on the Youth
For as long as video games have existed, people, especially parents, have wondered what effects such devices have on children. However, interest in this topic reached new heights during the 90’s when video games got blamed for the violent behavior of kids. Multiple stories were released by the press that accused violent video games such as Mortal Combat for many violent activities happening around the country. As a result, many parents panicked, but the question still remained if video games could actually have such a big effect on kids. Research shows that violent games do, in fact, affect adolescents in several ways, specifically, increasing aggression and depression.
One of the most commonly accepted effects of video games on the youth is increased aggression. In one study, participants, ages 9-14, were asked to play certain video games for thirty minutes and after were put in a situation to help a stranger succeed or fail with no reward for either choice (Saleem, Anderson, and Gentile 282-283). The results of the experiment showed that the kids who played violent video games displayed aggressive behavior and chose not to help the stranger which means that video games, at least the violent ones, do have some correlation to aggressive behavior (285Saleem, Anderson, and Gentile 285). However, society cannot blame video games too much for increased violence because many factors and variables…

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