The Effects Of Video Games On Youth Essay

800 Words Nov 11th, 2016 4 Pages
The Effect Of Video Games ON Youth Every since the inception of video gaming parents there as been a stigma that video game players are wasting there time as well as there minds. It has even been called an evil force that is corrupting our youth. However, Many studies have shown that not only are the risk to increasing negative mental behavior low there may be positive changes brought on by gaming. In addition to physiological benefits these study 's have also shown to have positive physical effects such as increased reaction time and faster decision making. Benefits also extend to autistic youth and how comfortable they feel interacting socially. When parents and guardians of children think about video games they likely connect the activity to unwanted mental impairments as well as anti social behavior.
However, In a recent study by Dr. Pryzbylski test have shown that gaming for less than one third of a child 's day can lower levels of hyperactivity. Not only are these children shown to be less hyperactive, they also show greater satisfaction with life as well as lower risk of problematic conduct. The same study even shows that children that game with moderation have better interactions with peers. All games of course are not going to be beneficial to mental behavior however, games that are centered around learning increases cognitive skills which is to be considered healthy. This evidence is though somewhat limited. Dy.Pryzbylski says “ the small positive effects…

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