Essay on The Effects Of Video Games On Children

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Would it interest you to know that it’s not the content of the game but the difficulty, tutorials and the lack of practice that are the factors that cause frustration in adolescents? Data that has been collected used inaccurate methods so the research has major flaws and makes the results not uniformed. The video games that contain violence are similar to earlier moral panics. These games are not causing teens to behave more aggressively, parents are overreacting due to the news or personal real life event and want something to blame for the reasons why. Violent video games do not cause teens to behave more aggressively. There is a long history of issues for state regulators, courts and companies for the past two decades to either put more restrictions on video games or families threaten that they will sue gaming companies due to the content they are providing. A considerable amount of states and political subdivisions tried to pass legislation in order to restrict minors’ access to games that contain any kind of violent content. In the past many other political bodies have also attempted to enact this type of legislation and are still currently trying to do so. The Supreme Court did respond to this controversial issue by invalidating it because of regulations created by the First Amendment. This means that any state effort to restrict any minors’ access to these violent games based on the content alone will not pass legislation. Although ten years before the…

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