Violent Video Games Good Or Bad Essay

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Bloodshed and aggression are everywhere, TV, magazines, social media, stores, as well as video games. Yet, why do video games always get accused of being the main factor in a shooting, or robbery? Video games do not cause violence, people are the ones that cause violence. Video games are not harmful because they actually help people learn, there is limited data to show that they are harmful, also people who play video games are already aggressive.

Video games actually help people learn, as stated in the article “Violent video games: Good for the brain?” by Herald-Tribune indicates how violent video games help you learn,“The reason is that the games help people learn, even those who aren’t regular players” (Tribune). This clearly shows how violent video games help people learn because the article clearly states it. Also Violent video games actually help people learn because they can learn hand-eye-coordination. People who have good hand-eye-coordination are really good at sports, they can receive a ball at very fast speeds, or maybe they can swing at bat at a very quick speed. Also people with good hand-eye-coordination can save themselves and bad situations, maybe in a robbery people would be able to quickly defend
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In the article, “Why Playing Video Games Can Actually Be Good for Your Health” by Tessa Berenson, it shows how people already have aggressive behavior. The article states, “real sense of optimism in our abilities and our opportunities to get better and succeed, and more physical and mental energy to engage with difficult problems” (Berenson). This shows how people already act aggressive because she says how people how people may have mental problems. People with mental problems cannot help how they act, whether they act aggressively or not. Overall this evidence shows how people already have aggressive thoughts or act

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