The Effects Of Teen Pregnancy On People 's Life Essay

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Question two will consider the impacts of youth depression to people’s life. In particular, it will analyses the influence of girl (adolescents) pregnancy and the relationship between sexual activity and suicide. Girls who is pregnancy will lose social activity, feel lonely and cause disease. The relationship between teens pregnancy and suicide is that people had sexual activity are more likely to suicide and more teenage boys suicide than girls, high probably of girls attend to plan suicide than boys.

Multiple research studies indicate that unsafe sex of teenager leads pregnancy effect young people’s life in several ways. First of all, there are 750,000 girls and young women at the age of 15-19 get pregnant in America. Give an example for that, 47 % of young people have had sexual intercourse, 6 % of the youth have had unsafe sex when they first meet or before 13 years old. In addition, 60% of teen pregnancies result in birth of a child, 14% adolescent because of pregnancy and abortion (Guzman, 2014).Teens mother have to make choice between study and babies (Theobald, n.d.). After they decide leave school, they might think the plan of future. Teenage girls might feel she have no enough life skills to be a mother and teach their child (Bodeeb, 2015). At the same time, children might loss lots of friends and their friends are often excluded them from the social cycle, so that children will lose social life (Aburto, 2012). Those factors above will influence a teenager’s…

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