The Effects Of Teen Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse is a current growing problem in our society today. From elders to even children, it seems no one is safe from drug abuse. On the Jackson County Detention Center webpage it shows that out of the total number of incarcerated people (100) exactly 49 are in for drug or alcohol abuse. The court house is full every Tuesday for regular scheduled drug court. There was even a separate newspaper for all those recently arrested for drugs in Jackson County. Many believe drug abuse in adulthood is linked to the adolescent years, when many people first try drugs. Many teens who take drugs see it as a rebellion against everything, or a release from their stressful lives. These stigmas have led to an increase over the years of teens who are addicted to drugs. One of the most prominent issues here in Jackson County, Kentucky is teen drug abuse; this issue can be solved easily by introducing the teens to the effects drugs can have seminars and assemblies. “In 2011, 3,700 deaths occurred in young adults from drugs.(NIDA,1)” The effects on brain and …show more content…
Here in Jackson County there are assemblies yearly, on everything from suicide prevention to drunk driving. The only thing missing from that list is the biggest problem, drug abuse. A student who has attended Jackson County High School for 3 years tells her side of the lack of information produced about the effects of drugs: “I know so many people on drugs here, no one seems to care at this point. I don’t think they’ve even tried to help them or people like me who are affected.” When asking her if a seminar would help, she responded, “I think that would give us somewhere to start. Those of us who feel helpless watching our friends go through addiction could actually know how to help them.” The helplessness of those who actually want to help them is another obstacle that needs to be faced when trying to solve this

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