Essay The Effects Of Technology On Young Adults

1927 Words Mar 6th, 2016 8 Pages
It is hard to imagine living without technology. Technology is apart of society 's everyday lives and some may argue that technology is good for teens and some say it is having a negative impact on teens. Ninety three percent of American teenagers have a computer or access to one (Pew Research Center, Mary Madden Pg. 1). Besides computers, technology also includes cell phones and television. Cell phones are a big distraction in classrooms and has caused many schools to ban cellphones in classrooms. Television causes teens to sit for long hours procrastinating and wasting time. It is common for teens to procrastinate spending hours on social media and watching television not realizing the danger that they are creating for themselves. Technology is detrimental to young adults because it leads to health issues, social isolation, and has negative effects on academic performance. According to Kaiser Family Foundation, teens spend 7 hours and 38 minutes with technology a day (Bonnie Miller Rubin, Los Angeles Times). When teens spend more time with technology they do not exercise as much. There are many reasons for childhood obesity however, technology is one of the main causes. The massive amount of hours teens spend a day playing video games and surfing the internet is not healthy and teens do not realize they are hurting their bodies. Constant slouching may be hurting their spines (New york spine surgeon Kenneth Hansraj). The study found that tilting your head 60 degrees to…

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