The Effects Of Technology On Children 's Development Essay

1764 Words Dec 1st, 2016 8 Pages
The use of technology and media in our world today is skyrocketing, and usage is only going to increase. As we move farther along in time, this technology is spreading rapidly to children of young ages. Many parents struggle with how much media and technology they should expose to their children, which makes it a very valid issue. Some see it as a good, educational resource, but others see it as harmful to children’s development. I will be making the case that different aspects of a child’s development will in fact be harmed by spending too much time using technology and media. Therefore, parents should strictly limit the amount of time they allow their children to use computers, phones, and other technological devices. When it comes to physical growth, children, on average, gain thirty-five pounds between the ages of six and eleven (Troop-Gordon, Lecture 12). In the past thirty years, there has been a massive increase in the number of overweight children (Troop-Gordon, Lecture 12). There are many factors as to why there is this sudden increase and a big one happens to be technology. Technology and media keep children inside and distracts them from being active. This lack of exercise leads to obesity. In this situation, parents should set a time limit of how much their child can use media or have their child exercise for a certain amount of time before they have access to technology. Parents should especially stress the importance of physical activity in girls because they…

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