The Effects Of Stress On My Life Essay

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Stress. What is stress? A mental or physical strain on one’s body or mind. In this essay I will describe the points that which cause stress activation in my life but give positive outlooks on how to deal with or treat them. From the day I was born, there were stressful factors influencing my life. As I grew older I learned how to avoid stressful thoughts and situations. Though not everything can be escaped. In light of my attempts at living a peaceful and stress free life, I learned that not only did I succeed, I changed the way stress impacts me. Whether these things are positive or negative I have yet to understand. Stress in my life is not exactly stress, but how I call it “anxiety.” It’s not often that I am stressed, but when I am, my anxiety compared to others m,is not bad at all. Neither are they, in any way, outrageous factors that cause this anxiety. Factors such as school, family, and yes even friends, cause “stress” in my life. In furthering my explanation of how these things affect my life, I will rate them each on a one to ten scale, one being the least and tent he highest. School, the first and highest stressor, will be rated a four. As I said earlier, with my childhood spent learning how to avoid stress and adapt to the point that it doesn’t affect myself too negatively, four will be the highest of ratings. The way school stresses me out would be through homework and grades. Especially since I am enrolled in early college, homework and grades are the most…

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