The Effects Of Social Media On High School Students Essay

840 Words Nov 11th, 2015 4 Pages
Every high school student has pride, but I believe that they either have excessive pride, or no pride at all, there really is no in between, in most cases. Do not get me wrong, I think its great to have a lot of pride, but keeping your pride or any type of achievement/milestone in life should not have to be showed off. For most high school students I believe that there are three types of pride, the first type being social media pride, second academic pride, and sport pride which is the best and most common type in my opinion. Social media pride in high school students only recently developed in the last few years. A high school student with social media pride would be a student who flaunts or shows off their amount of likes or comments on a post they made. This is most common in high school females. For example, in most of my high school classes I can hear disputes between girls and who received the most likes on their selfies. It may seem absurd, but girls do receive pride from the number of likes on their posts. This is usually negative pride because they go around the school telling everyone they got one hundred likes on a picture, which is unnecessary. A perfect personal encounter of mine with a student with social media pride is a girl in my math class who walks into class each and everyday and the first thing she says is for everyone to go and like her post. To make this positive pride, the girl would use those one hundred likes to boost her self-esteem and not flaunt…

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