The Effects Of Renewable Energy On The Economy Of The United States

1102 Words Oct 25th, 2016 5 Pages
It is easy for us to neglect the immediate and colossus problems plaguing our world, because the biggest problems, the ones that affect not only our future generations here in America, but the future generations across the globe, seem like they are flames, too bright to look at. We know it is there, yet instead of trying to put out the fires, we turn away, hoping someone else will eventually do it for us. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, flame destroying our world is the unbelievably high amounts of fossil fuels that companies are using all across the world. It is time to stop being spectators, watching the world be engulfed in flames, it is time to finally acknowledge that there is a problem with how fossil fuels are being used today, and it is time to actually take steps individually to douse the flames. The Union of Concerned Scientists put together a blueprint showing how their plan for switching to renewable energy impacts the economy of the United States. Some of the biggest benefits of their plan is that “Under the Blueprint, every region of the country stands to save billion,” “The Blueprint keeps carbon prices low,” and “The economy grows by at least 81 percent by 2030 under the Blueprint.” The plan provided starts a slow, but necessary process towards the elimination of fossil fuels. The article talks about how “Blueprint policies reduce projected U.S. energy use by one-third by 2030” but while still having increases in “energy efficiency across the economy…

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