Optimism On Climate Change Essay

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The Case for Optimism on Climate Change In the Ted Talk Video “The Case for Optimism on Climate Change” filmed and published on February 2016 at a TED conference. Al Gore former, U.S Vice President talks about the climate change that we are experiencing and the consequences that are happening all over the world. Gore presented and answered three important questions during his presentation. The first question was, do we really have to change? The second question is: can we change? And his last question was, will we change? With these three questions, Gore explains the issue of climate change and global warming throughout his ted talk. First Gore starts by asking his first question, do we really have to change? His answer to this question was a clear yes. He starts by explaining that after the Apollo mission among other things, launched and changed the environmental movement. The start of the environmental movement confirmed what we already feared. The world has a very thin shell of atmosphere, and since the industrial civilization began, we started to spill millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This causes the sun to warm up the earth, but blocks the heat from going back out of our planet. He mentions that there are many sources of greenhouse gases but he focuses mainly on the carbon issue. Gore shows many graphs and many scientific measurements that really shows how much the earth is warming up with. We are experiencing record-breaking temperatures,

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