The Effects Of Online Communication On Our Society Essay

1003 Words Nov 18th, 2016 5 Pages
a stronger and stronger hold on us, while it is becoming more controlled by those with only economic interests invested in it, not the aspiration for stronger online communities or a more enlightened society. Another way in which communication technology has been manipulated to serve those in power is through advertising. Online communication has become so saturated by advertising that we now unconsciously accepted it into our cultures. “In a competitive society, advertising performed the social service of informing the buyer about the market; it made choice easier and helped the unknown but more efficient supplier to dispose of his goods”(Adorno & Horkheimer, 1944, 131). However with the free market coming to a close and prices of advertising rising, we are only shown advertisements created by “those who can pay the exorbitant rates charged by the advertising agencies”(Adorno & Horkheimer, 1944, 131). These advertisements use signs and signifiers to target particular cultures and online communities, so that their advertisements can be put out to the masses, and target specific people at the same time. Based on this advertisements are either taken as “advertising or as empty talk”(Adorno & Horkheimer, 1944, 118) They then in turn implement their products into these specific cultures, so if you want to fit in with your culture you need to purchase their product. “The triumph of advertising in the culture industry is that consumers feel compelled to buy and use its products…

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