The Effects Of Internet Filtering On Schools Essay

1149 Words Apr 14th, 2016 null Page
Internet filtering in schools has been required since the passage of CIPA in December of the year 2000 in order for schools to receive federal funding. The stipulations of CIPA require schools to block anything that contains obscenity, pornographic materials containing minors, and anything possibly harmful to minors (H.R. 4577, 106th Cong., Dept. of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (2000) (enacted). Print.). School boards have used this law often to lazily block whole websites with legitimate educational material on them due to a few keywords found on the website. Such careless blocking practices often keep children who may not have internet at home from doing proper research for their school work, therefore instituting an imbalance between the average and the less fortunate children. Picture for an instant, a child named Johnnie Doe. Johnnie lives in a trailer home with the rest of his impoverished family. The Doe family cannot afford internet, a computer, or anything beyond a prepaid flip-phone. Johnnie’s middle school history teacher gives him a project that he must research. Johnnie goes to his school library to do research for his project and comes to find everything is blocked. The local newspaper is blocked because the filter said it is a blog website, museum websites are blocked because they can contain controversial topics, and even the “.edu” websites are blocked because they contain content the filter misidentified as…

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