Web Filters Should Be Allowed In School Essay

Have you ever thought to yourself that the school web filters are to strict, or maybe you haven’t been troubled by them. School web filters are used in school to prevent students from going on websites believed to be inappropriate. Many students don’t mind these web filters but many do. Me personally I believe they are too restrictive, and that the school should change some things.
If the web filters at school were not so strict students would be able to have more fun. Like being able to access YouTube or Pandora. This way you would be able to listen to music and can still get more work done. And by letting us go on these websites we would not want to talk as much and would be able to finish more work. There are also some websites that are restricted but are educational. Sometimes when I am given assignments at school that require information from the
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Like for example some websites can be inappropriate for people of our age. Although I believe that the web filters are too strict there are some they are also a good thing because I know some students who could never get work done if there were no web filters. Or there are other websites that are irrelevant to school like game websites and social media websites. These website have no educational purpose. These are the websites that should be blocked. So sometime it can be a good thing to have web filters as long as they restrict websites that should be blocked.
I still choose to believe that the school web filters are too strict but I also understand why we use them at schools. I know many students that would like to see the web filters be less strict, but I also know many students who feel that the web filters don’t affect them in any way. There also other reasons for web filters like maybe some parents don’t want their children to access these web filters. Or some people would maybe take advantage of not having any web

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