Web Blockers Argumentative Essay

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It’s a Thursday you are looking for awesome information, you read part of a search, which has exactly what you are looking for, you click on it and suddenly “Web site is blocked!” Schools are being paid to give students computers meaning all our work is digital. Technology is advancing and with it is the 21st century education standard of online learning. Electronic have allowed the people to do so much including boosting a student’s ability to make better and more accurate research papers. Web Blockers are a hindrance on students’ rights for a better Education.
To start, students are not knowledgeable and being limited to information does not help, which can cause emotional stress. Students do not learn in the same ways, and it helps to be
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A report from the Office of Intellectual freedom, says,” “The over-filtering that occurs today affects not only what teachers can teach but also how they teach.” (Batch) Teachers are responsible for students learning and if they cannot find the material they need to teach their students then Web Blockers are killing those students’ education. Teachers watch out for students’ education, but they are not the only ones when librarian Judy Gressel says, “It just got to the point that it became hard to conduct research; students could not read sites about, say, military weapons for a history paper.” (Hu) Librarians welcome research and love when kids have access to information making it a terrible and frustrating day for them when web blockers deter students from information. In the end, teacher and librarians are frusted by web blockers the deter students from information and hinder student’s …show more content…
Both of these have merit, but are not a good reason to keep web blockers. Student should learn to avoid and resists procrastination in fencing out knowledge it states, “Restricting access creates both an educational and a social problem, as educators cannot help students navigate ethical choices about online interactions, and represents a critical missed opportunity to prepare students to be responsible users, consumers, and producers of online content and resources.” With this key lesson missing from students education. Letting student learning how to avoid these distraction will better prepare them for college or where their life takes them after high school meaning web blockers only delay the inevitable and are not useful. Secondly, Web filters cannot protect children anymore, and is stated in the article Schools Should Be Teaching Kids How to Use the Internet Well when it states,” The intentions of using Internet filters in schools are good of course, but they were created in times when it was still possible to shield students from the dangers of the unknown.” (WALTHAUSEN) Times have truly changed for the better, but web filters cannot protect students from the dark side of the internet. It would be more beneficial to teach students to avoid these place and involve parents with the learning process which would be way better than

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